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Website Design Process – Calgary Web Design | Website Design Process

Step by Step to a Creative Website Design Process

1. Quote is requested by potential client.

2. Up Front by Design contacts clients within 24 hours or time specified.

3. After initial interview, a deposit is taken (only if services are requested).

4. Design Questionnaire(s) are sent to the client.

5. Once the client fills out and returns the Design Questionnaire to Up Front by Design, one of our Project Managers will contact the client within 1 business day for review.

6. Client Account created in our Project Management System (a username and password are forwarded to the client). This is where clients and the website design services team can view, discuss, and be notified of all aspects of the ongoing project.

7. Additional information can be forwarded via phone, email, mail or courier and the design process begins. This is where the fun starts for us. We’ll review your business and determine the most effective visual strategy for you. In 5 business days we will present you with the first website design(s). We can redraft several designs if necessary.

8. Once you choose the one you’d like to work with, we then start to work on improving your design according to your tastes.

9. Designs are viewed online as changes are made. There is neither a time limit, nor an extra charge for making modifications.

10. Designs are fine tuned and completed.

a. For logo/stationery design: When you feel completely satisfied with the final work, you will be provided with all the necessary print-ready and web-ready files (.eps, .pdf, .jpg, or other). A printing company can be recommended if requested. Final payment received at this time.

b. For website design: When you feel completely satisfied with the final design, a wire-frame (template) will be created and the website design process will begin.

1. page creation
2. copy & text formatting and insertion
3. graphics inserted
5. domain name registration
6. hosting setup
7. email accounts created
8. options/add-ons (gallery, blog, shopping cart, forum, search engine optimization, etc)

Upon final completion, payment is received, and site is uploaded “live” to the client’s domain.

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Calgary Web Design | Website Design Process