Mindset Matters: How leading marketers and Calgary Web Design professionals are driving growth


As marketers plan for a future that is increasingly focused on mobile, we need to let go of traditional measurement practices. New research from a consultancy firm working with Google shows how leading marketers and “Calgary web design” companies are using smarter measurement to drive growth.

We now mobile has absolutely changed the consumer decision journey over the past 10 years. Today, people seamlessly move between channels and devices—from desktop to mobile to offline and back again. As a result, our traditional rules and approaches to measurement are no longer working. As marketers, we shouldn’t shy away from this new reality. Indeed, the leading “Calgary Web Design companies” who are driving outstanding business results are those tackling these challenges head-on, and shifting their measurement mindset.

Google recently partnered with a consultancy firm to better understand how senior marketers are adapting their measurement practices for our mobile world. There findings show that marketing leaders―those who are succeeding beyond their business goals―share several common attributes:



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