Google Analytics | What are the steps to setup Google Analytics on a website?

Trying to understand what Google Analytics is and how implementing it on your website can increase your websites performance and ROI?  Here’s a quick list of the steps you need to take!  If you want to save time and money we can help!  “Pricing and Package

Step 1: Understand the Website Goals
Step 2: Analyze The Website Information Architecture
Step 3: Create a Google Analytics Account
Step 4: Create and Configure Profile(s) as needed
Step 5: Setup Traffic Filter
Step 6: Add Tracking Code to All Areas of your Website
Step 7: Link Google Analytics Account to AdWords Account (if applicable)
Step 8: Establish and Setup Goals and Funnels
Step 9: Configure E-Commerce Tracking (if applicable)
Step 10: Configure Site Search (if applicable)
Step 11: Tag Advertising Links
Step 12: Create/Update Privacy Policy as Needed
Step 13: Setup Filters
Step 14: Review and Update each step, strategy and checklist
Step 15: Grant Access to Other Users
Step 16: Setup Scheduled Reports

These are just some of the steps there are many more strategies involved in implementing Analytics.  Not convinced Analytics is important? Here is some information I would like to share with you:

“According to ComScore, 1.4 billion Internet users spent more than 300 billion hours online in 2009, over hundreds of billions of dollars in e-commerce in the process.  A recent report by Forester Research showed that people spend as much time online each week as they spend watching TV.”  Apple recently sold its 304 millionth Ipod worldwide in January 2011.

More recently ComScore stated:

“82.2 million people in the U.S. owned smart phones during the three months ending in July 2011, up 10 percent from the preceding three month period. Google Android ranked as the top smart phone platform with 41.8 percent market share, up 5.4 percentage points. Apple strengthened its #2 position with 27.0 percent of the smart phone market, up 1.0 percentage points from the prior reporting period. RIM ranked third with 21.7 percent share, followed by Microsoft (5.7 percent) and Symbian (1.9 percent).”

If you’ve spent thousands of dollars on developing a website and now wondering how to measure your ROI, give us a call and we will help you develop goals and put cash back into your pocket!

~ Dean Wolf, Director of Marketing ~

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