Bit Spit #8 Google Analytics Helping You Improve ROI

Trying to figure out who is visiting your site, how often, where on your site and what type of device they’re using? Seem like daunting task? Google Analytics can help you understand these things and so much more.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool that helps you understand who is visiting your Website. It provides information:

•    How many unique visits your site receives

•    How many page views per visit

•    Bounce back rates showing how long someone stayed at your site

•    Percentage of new visits

•    Keywords that were used in order to find your site.

This is some pretty important information.  This tool can help you make changes to your site that will bring more visitors who will stay on your site for longer periods of time.  Thus the longer visitors stay the more likely they are to convert into a buying customer.

Google Anayltics


Why Do You Need Google Analytics?

Google Analytics helps you understand the behaviors of your Website’s visitors.  It shows where they came from before they visited your site and where they went to after visiting your site.  If you know what keywords are being used, which of your AdWords are being clicked-through and where referrals to your site are coming from, this can help you optimize your site for a higher ranking within the search engines and attract more potential customers.

Google Analytics also helps you understand how your visitors are interacting with your site.  If you know what parts of your site people are visiting, you can look at those pages and begin duplicating what you’re doing on other pages that you want your visitors to view.

If you’re interested in generating higher traffic to your site and converting potential customers into sales, we can help you do this with a thorough analysis of your website using Google Analytics.  See more information at, we can help increase your business success.

~Dean Wolf, Director of Marketing~

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