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If you are like most business owners, you are always short on time and often frustrated about your lack of website maintenance and security. We are here to help. We have affordable monthly maintenance packages that fit your needs and your budget.

We are a full-service website maintenance company in Calgary, Canada. We keep your website up to date and secure with a 20% savings over our competitors. We offer reliable and affordable WordPress website maintenance packages for your business. Whether your site has a few hundred daily visitors or several million, we can help you maintain it. 

At Up Front by Design, we concentrate on... well...Web Design and everything related!

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But… in an online world, staying on top means keeping ALL levels of your website up to date.  Our sister companies Hosted in Canada and Core 4 Secured, focus on the supplemental services that help support you after your website is live. 

Protect your business online with a professionally managed website security service from Upfront by Design. Our team of experts will monitor your site 24/7 to ensure you’ve got the best protection and peace of mind.

Why you need to maintain or possibly upgrade your website?​

Build Trust | Calgary Website Maintenance

Builds Trust

When your audience lands on your homepage, you have
about 5 seconds to make a great impression. Having a
website that is fast, responsive, clean, and modern look-
ing will go a long way in impressing upon your potential
clients that you are serious about what you do, and it

Stay Current

Stay Current

Be sure that your website displays your most current
information, from copy, to products, to contact infor-
mation. This will help avoid issues with your clients
down the road. Also, search engines will notice dis-
crepancies when information is inconsistent, neg-
atively affecting your ranking and view ability.

Best Website Security Services Calgary


Software is constantly evolving… and so are hackers.
Protect your website from the latest virus/malware at-
tacks out there by installing and maintaining good
firewall/malware prevention plugins.

Updates | WordPress Website Maintenance Services


Your website is made up of several pieces of soft-
ware working together. From WordPress, to plugins,
to SEO tools, you name it. And each piece of soft-
ware needs to be upgraded when available to patch
holes or fix bugs that may arise from user feedback.

Website Speed Optimization Calgary


Have you ever clicked on to a website and it takes FOR-
EVER to load? What do you do? Usually, within a few sec-
onds you are closing that tab or hitting the back button
and looking for another “faster” option. You need to opti-
mize your website to ensure that it is loading quickly and
you aren’t losing potential business.



Many pieces of software grow over time to take on
new features that could be of a great benefit to you
and your clients. Maybe there are new menu
options? SEO tools? Exciting new themes to give
your brand a sharp look!

Improved Traffic

Improved Traffic

You should be periodically monitoring your site for SEO.
This can involve simple tasks like a review of important
keywords or updating your posts and company’s latest
news and information. This will get flagged by Google
and other search engines and bring more traffic to your


Sales / Promotions

You can showcase a new product you are offering or let
your clients know about an important event happening
with your company. Create a specific landing page to
really narrow down that sales funnel and get people ready to

But don’t worry… change is good!

If your finding time management an issue, our website management services can help you maintain your up-to-date information to keep those clients interested!

Our standard rates are typically calculated in hourly increments with a minimum one hour of time billed, regardless of the task.

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