Bit Spit #17, Part 4 The Importance of Backing Up WordPress

Part #4 Importance of Backing Up WordPress

The loss of any valued object is sure to cause anxiety, and considering the work you’ve put into it, losing your blog could to be the worst of all.WordPress website owners are even more at risk than most, and that’s due to the WordPress’s phenomenal popularity. Its widespread presence allows the blackhats to hit the largest number of sites while expending the smallest amount of energy. Once the hackers have crashed your website or blog (if its not hardened, protected and monitored), it may not be so easy to get it back. While your host provider might perform occasional backups, there is no guarantee that they’ve done so recently.

If the self-hosted version of WordPress is the one on which you keep your website, you and you alone are completely responsible for every one of your files. This increases your susceptibility and makes regular backups even more important.

The Two Parts of WordPress (Site Files and MySQL)

First, WordPress owners/users need to understand that they are actually dealing with two distinct and separate pieces, each of which requires attention. The most important component, the MySQL database, serves as the home of the website/blog’s pages, settings, links, posts, name and description. The site file section houses the core files, admin panel, plugins, themes and media files. The severity of their loss will vary with the function and objective of your site.

No Website or Blog is Really Safe

While users of WordPress are not the only ones at risk, the fact remains that they are highly vulnerable. Regular backups (along with Hardening, Security Protection and Monitoring) are of major important, and when performing a WordPress backup users will need to consider both database and file section. Although the daily performance of this task will provide the greatest degree of safety, do you have the time to do this yourself? Do you even want to?  Are you able to RESTORE the files quickly and properly?

What is Your Website Worth?

If your website doesn’t mean a lot to you, its loss will not bother you much. However, the majority of websites today represent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours’ worth of work. In the absence of a regularly performed WordPress backups companies may lose more than their carefully crafted posts. They may also find that their followers have left for greener pastures. Worse, any company that relies on WordPress as a marketing device faces the even more serious loss of potential clients and customers.

Safeguarding a WordPress website means more than merely guarding against hackers, its about the old adage…”always be prepared”.  When your protection includes a daily offsite WordPress backup you can rest assured that the site that is perfection today will still be whole tomorrow.

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