“Build It & They Will Come” – It’s that Simple or Is It? Online Marketing Strategies For Business

Go ahead admit it – you’ve got Google obsession striving to be #1 but does your online marketing strategy support your goals? What is different about your online marketing strategy and how does it differ from the next guy?

Businesses have concluded that they can fill a page with words and “they will come.” Clicks and page views are not impressive if you are not providing useful information. People will visit but if you fail them, then it’s on to the next one. Your website should be engaging and compelling not detrimental to the search engines or the audience. You can implement an aggressive advantage with consistent layouts that are user-friendly with easy functionality.

Don’t spend most of your time wondering which techniques work and how to implement them. Here are 3 surefire ways to guarantee your online success;

1.      An impressive site build
2.      Enticing content
3.      Quality links

I stick with what works best; my mantra at Up Front by Design remains the same – develop a firm web presence for your company and a gratifying web experience for your clientele because the bottom line is all those bells and whistles won’t mean a thing if you can’t attract and convert potential clients into customers. Whether you’re a new up-start or a big time business Up Front by Design recommends including website design services to fit any genre.

Next, your online marketing strategy must include words that persuade your audience to act. And how do you persuade potential customers to make a decision? By providing exclusive information and becoming the go-to person they can trust.

Persuasion is all about the customer; their needs; their concerns and how you can help them resolve their issues. It’s not about you.

You have some form of invaluable information right? You must sell it in a way that makes you the expert.

Through your experience you explain how you’ve been on the battlefield and you know how to resolve the issue. Been there, done that.

Provide proactive measures. Consumers want to know everything from beginning to end; give them too little and they find it somewhere else; give them just enough with freebies and a few extras and they form a relationship built on trust and expert advice. They’ll return for more.

While you may want to be it all and do it all, many webpreneurs have greater success when using custom website design services to enhance their brand. You may question the cost but in the end when you combine the time, frustration and the rewards, using custom website design services pays for itself in the end.

Every strategy you use should have one clear purpose – to successfully market your business.

~Dean Wolf, Director of Marketing~

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